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November 27, 2007


http://www.sweeneytoddmovie.com/index.html?view=video/traiers/trailer1I haven't been this excited about a movie since - well, okay, it's been an exciting movie year. But maybe the first HP movie.

Oh God Oh God.

I CANNOT wait.

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July 11, 2007

Patronus, Padfoot and Pottermania!

Harry Potter?


Okay, there were some faults. It's a Harry Potter movie, it can never measure up to the book ever. But-


Bellatrix? Rocks.
Dumbledore's Army? Rocks.
Luna? Rocks twice.
Overall Special Effects? Solid A.
New Dumbledore(tm)? Sucks less than last time, woo!

And I was afraid that as they aged, the trio would get weird like some child actors do, but you know - they're just getting better.

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April 05, 2007

worst spring break ever

sometimes I think I should just drop out of school.

fuck me.

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March 29, 2007

overheard in graduate literature classes...

Graduate Student: Well, he did come in the end...it was just Sloppy.

* * *

Professor: If my parents named me dog penis, I'd be suspicious too.

What have we learned? Graduate school is dirty.

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December 18, 2006

I just had a pizza delivered

and the entire time he was here, the pizza guy kept up a littany of pickup lines, trying to get me to go out with him.

I told him I was too busy, because I'm a TA. His response?

"Maybe you could teach me something, you know what I mean?"

Ew. Yes, I do know. Please go learn how to hit on women. Or better yet, stop trying.

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so, so emo.

I suppose I should count it as a step in the right direction that this is the first time in at least a year when I've been prevented from going to sleep by crying.

It's my own fault. I can't seem to get this grading done. I wish the deadline had been sooner, maybe I'd have been less of a fuckup.

So I feel stupid, because I can't get this done. I feel guilty, bad, angry and sad that I'm not home yet, and I could have been - and that I won't be going home tomorrow. I feel guilty because my family is putting off decorating for Christmas until I get there, because I enjoy it, and because of my own unstoppable fuckupness, I'm preventing them from getting to it.

I can't find any presents for my father.

You can continue to read, if you feel like indulging my 'oh my life is so sad' whining.


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December 17, 2006


I cannot let this happen to me again next semester. I'm just not capable of dealing in a relatively decent manner at this point in the year.

So much grading. I don't even want to be here anymore.

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December 03, 2006

Thanksgiving Night

So, here is the long-overdue pictorial entry about our Thanksgiving Dinner. I so hope I do this right.

Us Thanksgiving.JPG


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November 23, 2006


I have a lot to be thankful for this year. I always do, of course, but sometimes it takes bad things to appreciate the good. Okay, it always takes bad things.

If you want to know how I felt yesterday when I was done with my last class before break, picture this: Me. Standing on a hill in the mists, in full blue Mel-Gibson-As-William-Wallace Facepaint, bellowing: FREEDOM!

Maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but not by much. I'm done with tutoring for the semester, I only have one week of teaching left, most of my work is done. I may actually be able to return to the land of people. So, without much ado: my list of things to be thankful for:


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November 15, 2006

making a difference

This link is...well, on the surface it's funny. Really, though, I like the idea behind it.

And hey, it can't hurt, right?


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non sequitur

So when I walked out to the bus stop this morning, in the rain, I realized there was some stuff on the ground.

It was fish.

Like...perch. I'd say about six or seven of them, some of them smashed, all of them dead. There were no other fish around. Let me clarify this: Whole. Dead. Fish. On the side of the street.


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please shoot me

I've been told that the semester you take this class that I'm taking is, inevitably, your worst semester here. I've reached the point where I'm praying this is true. Because I don't know if I can handle another one like it.

I hate two of my classes.

Not hate as in 'oh, this class is boring' or 'I can't believe I have to write a paper on this', but hate as in gut-clenching, skin-crawling physical reaction to thinking about it hate. One of them I hate for interpersonal reasons. The other one I hate because of the curriculum.

The fact that I hate makes it that much harder to tackle every assignment. So I'm behind. Which makes me hate them more. On top of that, I can't seem to focus - and I can't take my ADD medication because I'm under too much stress and it would push me over into a full-blown panic reaction.

Logically, I know everything will be fine. Logically, I know none of this really matters. My body has, once again, trumped logic with too much cortisol. Fuck you, body. This is a huge part of why I joined the gym, actually. And I think it's helping. Yesterday I went and lifted weights and did cardio, and it was nice. Super nice. I was actually okay for that short period of the day.

Tonight, if we get out of "class" on time, I'll hopefully be able to attend the spinning class, and maybe that will take some of the rage out.

Oh God I'm so behind.
::dies a little inside::

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November 09, 2006

my roommate said I was getting predictable

so I joined the gym five minutes from my house.

It just opened, and everything is all gleaming and lovely. Lisa maintains that she goes to the gym because she's paying, and knows if she doesn't she's wasted her money. I decided to try it out as my Christmas present to myself - they have a bunch of classes that are included in the price, you can just drop by and take them whenever you feel like it. I'm particularly interested in the spinning class (they have the television play different scenery every day) and the ab blaster. And once I've built up a little, um, aerobic health, I want to try the kickboxing. Though I'll probably fall over.

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