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November 14th, 2011

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fall leaves

May 10th, 2011


Outside the thunder is turning over and over and over; the light is palest gold. Tiny tender green buds are brightening the tree outside the window. Last week it snowed and today it’s in the 80s, the air hot and heavy. It’s a glorious time of year.

December 11th, 2010

» Storm

Lots of people are calling it Snowmageddon; I’ve also heard Tsnownami. However you name it, outside there are lashings of snow howling straight sideways, and thigh-high drifts on the freeways. The airport is closed and the plows have been pulled off the roads until it’s safe for them to be out again (2 am is the last estimate I read).

It wasn’t quite so bad this morning; at 10:30 I ventured out to pick Bryce up from the airport (estimated arrival: 11:29). His flight circled for a while, then diverted to Grand Forks to refuel and come back in a couple hours. I hung out at the Mall of America until MSP announced it was closing for the remainder of the day. Leaving the Mall, the on-ramp to 494W was full of cars (and snow; lots and lots of snow), so I ended up heading east instead, forced to crawl all the way back to the airport to turn around. The drive home was hideous. I am a pretty cool-headed driver in bad weather, but I will admit that by the time I got home I was shaking and sat in the parking garage for a minute weeping into my steering wheel, grateful to have actually made it through. Thank goodness for my plucky Honda Civic, new all-season tires, snow plows, and all the other drivers whose tracks I followed.

So here I am, snowed in alone for the evening. When I was in Bali (which seems so long ago and far away right now, in so many ways) I kept a journal. Joe asked me if I was going to put it online; I, aghast, said No, of course not, it’s so rough! My physical journals are all scattered things, unedited, and the idea of anyone looking at them ever is terrifying. But since then I’ve considered it a little more, and you know what — who cares? I’ve certainly made much worse judgment calls recently. So, tonight’s project: start the Bali blog. (Well, not really a Bali blog since I’m just going to put it here, but I like alliteration; roll with me.)

October 30th, 2010

» lately

Here I am just three weeks out from Bali, and nothing planned. Well, not quite nothing — I’ve gotten a whole battery of shots (one of them just under the wire time-wise — the Rabies vaccine has to be done in three rounds, at Day 0, Day 7, and Day 21), and bought some things that, if you squint and look sideways, may be construed as necessary for the trip. (If you squint and look the other way they may also look like a little retail therapy. If it feels good it can’t be bad, right?)

I am, out of all usual character, not remotely concerned about it. Not one bit. I just have this weird, unshakable conviction that it will all work itself out. I plan to bring some comfortable things to wear, an armload of books, and hopefully the ability to just breathe deeply. I’ve been doing a lot of holding my breath and biting my tongue lately, and those things I’d like to leave at home.

I haven’t ridden in almost two weeks. I think this is the longest I’ve gone in — three years? Is it? It feels like it. Poe and I had a fantastic end to our season. We spent the last few months doing lots of trail riding, much of it through this glorious private property: hundreds of acres of woods and fields threaded with horse trails. By the end the trees were dressed in their most brilliant yellows and reds, bright enough (I hope) that the memory will carry me through the long coming winter. Several weeks ago we foxhunted (no, we didn’t catch a fox; it’s a drag hunt, where the lines are planned and the scent laid in advance; no animals harmed in the making of this unbelievable morning, etc). I don’t really have the words for it — but imagine being on a 1200 pound animal who is bred to run; imagine letting out your reins, trusting that he’s going to keep you both safe, and careening through fall-bright woods and over cropped alfalfa fields as fast as the hounds care to run. We riders were chatting at one of the checks and someone asked me how old I am. I couldn’t remember, at all. Couldn’t even begin to bring the math to my brain, couldn’t think of anything outside of the ridiculous drunken high of galloping through close trees, over coops, down blurring fencelines. And all of this a Wednesday morning, playing hooky from work.

That Sunday a friend and I rode in the Hunter Pace: teams are sent out in pairs, to ride a hunting pace over hunt country. Whichever team comes closest to the secret optimum time (ridden beforehand by a staff member) is the winner. Last year our team was 12 seconds outside of first place — it was the very last thing I did with Everett before he went to his new home. We vowed then that we’d come back this year and win it.

And we did.

There may have been a little jumping up and down, and a very enthusiastic trophy dance in the truck on the way back to the barn. (The trophy, incidentally, is actually two trophies; the names of each year’s winners are engraved on it, so when the massive silver platter started in the 60s ran out of room, they added a big silver bowl to the mix. My shelf has never been shinier.)

I haven’t ridden since. Mr. Poe was very happy and enthusiastic about both hunt outings — along with the trail riding, hacking in the back field, dressage work, jumping — pretty much everything I did with him — but he was also starting to show some signs of stress, impatience in the cross-ties, pitching fits whose cause I couldn’t calculate. So, I decided to chuck him out in the field for a week or two at least, longer if he needs, let him decompress. I threw myself into a Halloween costume project which has blown through my entire apartment in a whirlwind of fabric bits and old unfiled papers. When I’m not sewing the insurmountable mess makes me want to climb the walls, so mostly I sew.

Except tonight. Tonight I’m exhausted, and should be sleeping — should have been sleeping hours ago — but I can’t quite bring myself to close my eyes. The days all feel like they’re spinning away too quickly. This need to sleep now, here, seems unfair when there is so much to do, so much more pressing in. I want nothing more than to go plug in the glue gun. Instead, I think a cup of tea and then to bed.

June 1st, 2010

» long weekend

I had to pull a tick off my toe this morning. NOT a good way to wake up. So now I’m all paranoid, wondering how long it was there, where I picked it up, if there are eighty-seven more lurking in my bed somewhere. I kind of want to crawl on out of my skin to somewhere safe and tick-free.

But then, driving into work this morning, I realized it’s Tuesday. Tuesday! What a great feeling.

I had a pretty fantastic long weekend. I missed having Bren up, but Beth and I had a blast in her honor. We had tons of good food, browsed Ikea & Patina & Dream Haven, visited the pony and Molly’s puppies, saw Prince of Persia (I liked it!), and went to a Saints game (complete with tailgating and fireworks). The weather was absolutely gorgeous, aside from some brief smatterings of rain during the ballgame (which worked as a nice excuse to smooch with my man under the umbrella, ha). Beth headed back for the wilds of Iowa mid-morning yesterday, and I spent the day with said man, enjoying the sunshine. We discovered swings across the street from my apartment. Swings! Swings are one of my absolute favorite things in the world. We also found a little walking path/alley/supposed park meandering through some of the neighborhoods just northeast of me, and spent a while walking through what could have been a movie set of suburbia: blue sky, singing birds, manicured lawns, laughing kids. The afternoon rounded out with a nap in the hammock, which is another of my favorite ways to spend a sunny day.

Before all that I had a pretty perfect Friday too, come to think of it. My trusty Friday night riding buddy and I took our horses out in the back field. All the baby jumps from the Pony Club rally a couple weeks ago are still there, so I jumped Poe out there for the first time. He found it all very very exciting, and charged boldly over everything (except that one run-out we had because he was charging TOO boldly pell-mell across the field — definitely need to bit him up a little before next time!). He even cantered into and through the water! After bopping over the three baby-baby fences we meandered over to the BN bank. He went up to the edge willingly enough, but was giving it the eye, trying to figure out what the heck it was all about. When Lennie walked her horse Ollie past him and Ollie popped off the bank, Poe’s expression was priceless: Oh! That’s how it works. Well, if he can do it, I certainly can! And he hopped right off after Ollie. This horse, he is going to be a cross-country maniac. I can’t wait.