About me

My name is Rachel. I’m a twenty-nine year old slightly-cooking-obsessed really-horse-obsessed vegetarian living just outside of Minneapolis, MN. We have really gorgeous winters but they go on a little long for my taste and are sometimes full of less-than-pleasant things like slush and ice and the sort of cold that makes your nose freeze shut. I’m kind of a sun-creature lately; I prefer my indoor temperatures around 78F.

I love fresh cherries and libraries and the noses of horses. I believe in reusable shopping bags and biking. In my dream life I have a little house with a front porch with a hammock and a back yard with a vegetable garden; somewhere there is a horse and I do a lot of traveling. There’s a lot of sunshine and some thunderstorms, and falls full of violent oranges and reds and crisp air with the smell of woodsmoke.

I read cookbooks in bed and brush my teeth in the shower and grind my own Thai curry pastes with a big stone mortar & pestle. Sometimes when I’m bored I make funny faces at my webcam.

You can email me, but only if you’re not a spammer. I don’t like spam.