February 1st, 2012 - 9:55 am

» 36 Books: January

So, a bit of a rough start to the reading year. I was halfway through In Fifty Years We’ll All Be Chicks, by Adam Carolla, when it had to go back to the library, and I just haven’t bothered to check it out again. I’ve been listening to a ton of his podcast, which is pretty much exactly like the book except I can just stick an earbud in and have him speak it to me, PLUS Alison Rosen and Bald Brian, both of whom I really enjoy. Anyway, long story short, halfway doesn’t count.

I did have one nice victory: I started my old habit of just plowing into something without actually knowing what it was about — but when I started to suspect I might not like it, I actually went and read the summary. And then (THEN!) I stopped listening. It was the audiobook for Like Water for Elephants, and I could tell in the first few minutes that if it kept going on and on about this sad old guy trapped in a nursing home at the end of his life I would spend the rest of however many hours it took to get through dreading the thing and squirming and feeling really miserable and depressed.

I did manage to finish one book: The Beautiful and Damned, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, read by Peter Marinker. It’d been ages since I’d read any Fitzgerald, and I’d forgotten what a lovely writer he is. This book is packed with gorgeous turns of phrase and pretty images — but almost all of the characters are completely insufferable from beginning to end. I’m sure (or at least hope) that’s part of the point — but they were such nasty, frivolous people that I just didn’t care at all. The strength of the writing kept me engaged, but I kept wishing for an interesting plot or some glimmer of redemption to show up. Still, I liked it well enough. Like I said: very prettily written.

2012 Book Count: 1
January: 1

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