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August 12th, 2010


I really need to write a Poe update but I know once I start it’s going to just ramble on for ages, and the thought is a bit exhausting.

Last month, on a bit of a whim, I bought a Groupon thing for a month of unlimited yoga classes. (I had a vague idea of what Groupon was all about but hadn’t checked it out before Jocey sent me one last month. We bought coupons [groupons I guess?] to a new yummy-sounding falafely place nearby — which has now of course closed. So much for that. [We did automatically get the Groupon refunded. Still, I'd've rather had falafel.]) Last night I finally went to sign up and give it a whirl — I got out of work a little early, so had just enough time to ride and make it to the intro class at 7. I’d called ahead of time to find out what I should bring, and the woman on the phone mentioned a towel. Towel? I thought. No, I don’t need that. I’ve done yoga at home before and yeah I sweat, but not like I need a towel-off in the middle of it. They do have some hot yoga at this studio but the intro class said specifically that it wasn’t hot.

Yeah, wish I’d brought a towel. I think I was dripping from my kneecaps. I didn’t even know my kneecaps could sweat. It was great, though, and I’m really looking forward to going back. I even have a new favorite pose: Gorilla. You put your feet on your hands, toes just nudged up against your wrists, and straighten your legs to your comfort level. I hold an unbelievable amount of tension around my shoulderblades and this pose stretched at all of that. I could’ve stayed in it for hours. (Well, probably not. But it felt amazing.) One of my other favorite things about yoga is your first downward-facing dog versus your last. I love what a difference you can see after an hour.

The part I did not like was the moment of silence after the instructor invited us to dedicate our practice that evening. I’ve been really missing my grandma lately; I’m not at all okay to be thinking about it in public, and once I’ve started it’s hard to stop. So there’s that.

And now, work.

August 4th, 2010

» 24 Books: July

Fail, pretty much. At the beginning of July I did read The Warrior Elite: The Forging of Seal Class 228, by Dick Couch. It was mentioned in the back of the last book I read (Lone Survivor); I thought it was an interesting read, but I liked Lone Survivor better, even with the political asides. So if you’re going to read just one book about Navy SEALS, go with Marcus Luttrell’s. (Well, at least based on the two I’ve read. Probably there are lots of other good ones out there too!)

I went to a lunch meeting last week where Luttrell spoke, and it was powerful, moving stuff.

Other than that, the month was mostly crammed with other activities. I can’t remember the last time I actually got to sleep in, and while I’m delighting in summer and making the most of it, I’m also starting to wear under the grind. I’m trying to find quiet moments to recharge — and, when necessary, kicking myself back into gear with the reminder that these warm bright days are fleeting, and winter howls just around the corner.

2010 Book Count: 18 (+4 fluff)
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