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July 16th, 2009

» not the best of times, exactly

I drive into work this morning with Matt Nathanson swimming through my thoughts, all half-remembered lyrics and wisping melody lines. I love Matt Nathanson. Bryce and I saw him last weekend at the Basilica Block Party, and he was glorious. Fun and funny and so clearly in love with what he’s doing. The kind of guy you want to get drunk and play Rock Band with. I want to see him again, immediately.

All I have, though, down this county road, is the ghost of him in my poor memory, and an eerie quiet. Because my stereo is gone. In the locked garage at my apartment complex, someone’s cut away my passenger’s side lock, and cut my stereo out of the dash. My five-year-old, cheap-even-then stereo that stutters periodically on every library audiobook (including the disc that was in it), and the little stack of burned cds in the cubby underneath it. The thieves were kind enough to leave me the remains of the instrument panel: the air controller block dangles by a few wires, the hazards button; scattered on the floor a vent cover, a bit of plastic edging. I don’t understand it; none of it makes sense yet. I can’t stop reaching for the volume knob.

It could have been worse, though. Much worse. Will get worse, soon: my grandma was discharged from the hospital on Tuesday, sent back home on hospice care. Not long now.

July 1st, 2009

» Pig Pond Classic

I need to sort out some pictures and more video, but in the mean time — here’s a little cross-country from Sunday. Everett was all kinds of awesome, and I am SO PROUD of him!