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April 14th, 2009

» the gold in the hills

The late afternoon sunshine is washing warm and plentiful over the back field. 20 acres and it’s all ours, just the soft roll of hills, a scattering of birdsong, the far-off barking of a dog, and last autumn’s grass ranged all around us in glowing palest gold.

We circle the hilltops, thread between them, cantering, trotting, ambling around all the jumps. Everett is curious about the bank complex for no reason I can tell, but we don’t investigate: it was just constructed last fall and it’s closed to protect the fragile footing. While cruising toward the tire jumps I can feel him look at them, think about it, wondering if maybe — but I’m saving all that for a lesson. It’s nice, though, to be riding this interested, independent Everett, this guy not worried about his friends. It’s nice also to trust him cruising down a slope, not worrying he’s going to go tumbling rump-over-whiskers.

Nice, this lazy spring day, being this girl and her horse.