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August 20th, 2008

» snipsnipsnip

Y’all, it’s that time again. Also, the sound on this video is SUPER quiet (note to self: speak louder at phone), but it’s really not worth turning up your volume anyhow. (And I did try to fix it, but WMM does not like .mov files.) I tried a new stylist last night and had an awesome time. My salon policy is to leave it up to the experts. I went in with hair just getting below my shoulders, and came out with this.

August 14th, 2008

» Olympic fever (and sore throat, aches, chills, etc)

I drag myself away from men’s gymnastics far, far too late, shuffling off to bed with my monstrously sore throat, knowing I should have gone an hour ago, two hours. In the morning I come back to it, breakfast in hand, and they are recapping the previous night’s gymnastics. I refuse to dwell on the wasted hours. (Or my aching limbs, swollen throat, the pain in my head, the thermometer reading 101. I do not, you may recall, ever get sick.)

I don’t know how I get so sucked in, sitting up late every night watching people swim laps, spin on balance beams, nail that next vault. I find myself entranced. It is exhausting; part of me wishes it could go on and on, but mostly I will be glad when it’s over and I can get to bed at my usual time again.

What I do not care for: men’s wrestling. It is so slow, two big sweaty men in spandex clasping hands, leaning into each other. They look like a couple near the end of a dance marathon, searching for a more comfortable position, trying to keep on, feet slowly shuffling, a head nestling onto a shoulder, cheeks pressing, a far-off exhausted look. I just don’t get it.

August 8th, 2008

» that far valley

I open my balcony door to let in the cool morning air; it brings with it an unexpected edge of autumn and I mentally check my calendar. Early August, still, in a year when our summer came monstrously late, not settling in until mid-June. And here, suddenly, a breeze that whirls in all falling leaves, pumpkins, heavy cable-knit turtlenecks.

On my morning blog-checking rounds I find that Carmon in New Mexico noticed this same season-shift yesterday, and looking at the pictures of her mountains folding off into the far clouded distance I fall unexpectedly back to Peru, to my valley a day’s ride into the mountains outside Cuzco. Have I talked about coming to the ruins there? The sun fading fast on us, shadows sliding up the sweeping mountainsides? I huddle shivering in the saddle, jacket zipped to my chin, knit cap pulled low over my ears and eyebrows. We have been mirroring the herd of llamas across the valley to our west, heading home for the night, and suddenly in all this distant deserted mountainland there before us is a little valley with a scattering of huts, paddocks sketched round with low adobe walls, the meandering of a stream and the ghost of an Incan outpost, centuries old.

I am taken suddenly, utterly, by a sense of homecoming. I have another life here. I cannot shake the sense of it, the call to stop here, or return here, to take deep rest in this little retreat. To step each morning into the high clear air, to lie down each night in a small earthen home beneath this bright sweep of stars. I am sure the reality would be different; it is an improbable dream. But what a promise of peace. What a thought to bring you through.

August 7th, 2008

» jet set

I had a whole lovely entry written about my trip to California last weekend, and Firefox crashed on me, as it is wont to do now that I’ve installed Rhapsody. There is something explosive about the combination of Firefox, Rhapsody, and Adobe Reader, and half the time they’re running in combination they destroy each other.

My gist, though, was that I had a fabulous time. All things considered Bryce and I see each other fairly often (though never often enough, of course), but because of time zones and flight schedules I only get out there once or twice a year, so when I do I get to demand request all of my favorite things: Hobee’s & Country Gourmet, skydiving, Allison, Arkham Horror, Rock Band. I had something of a horrible July, so coming home with another jump under my belt and blisters from too much drumming was a good feeling indeed.