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February 22nd, 2008

» Your Opinion Please

I had the greatest time with Ev last night. We were both in a bit of a silly mood, and since there was no one else there he got his nose played with a lot and I got my face thoroughly snuffled, and I spent a long time attending to the itchy spots up by his ears and under his head and especially the left underside of his throatlatch oh yes just there, and oh the faces he made. I also let him run loose around the arena a bit, but he wasn’t feeling particularly wild and he hasn’t yet shown an inclination to roll in there — though while we were riding Margaret came out and let her mare have a brief roll; Everett seemed astounded by the whole process and kept a close watch, so maybe next time he’ll give it a try. My first horse *loved* to roll in the arena. Actually, a few weeks ago I rediscovered the videos my sister and I took of him, and watched somewhat appalled as we gleefully let him roll and roll in the stockpile of clean shavings. We had no clue how expensive they are; the barn owner never said anything about it, and maybe she didn’t care. It’s not that he made them unusable or anything, just spread them out a bit. It was a little crazy watching him again after so long, and I wish I could step back in time and have another ride on him. He had the most gorgeous, floaty trot, and I don’t think I properly appreciated it. I wish my old self knew half as much about horses as I do now (not that it’s much). And I wish I remembered half as much about jumping as my old self knew.

Anyway, here is Everett, who doesn’t understand about standing still for cameraphones:


And here is the new list of show name ideas/thought-sparkers for him (with particular thanks to Allison for her many and fabulous suggestions!):

  • The Potions Master
  • Mischief Managed
  • Wands Away
  • Everett Ollivander
  • Essentially Everett
  • Everyday Hero
  • Never Ever
  • Everready
  • Neverland (In Neverland? NeverNeverLand?)
  • Happily Ever After
  • Ever the Gentleman
  • Everett Butler

I have a list at least thrice as long of ones I like that don’t suit him at all, and it makes me wish I had a whole stableful to name (if I had a grey he’d have to be ‘London Particular’ — slang for that famous fog). Which is neither here nor there. What do you think of the matter of Everett’s name? I need to choose it within a week so I can get it on his Coggins on vet day.

February 6th, 2008

» ‘breakable’

At the end of each year I like to put together a list of my songs-of-the-year. They tend to be heavily weighted toward what I was listening to at the end of the year, though, because, let’s face it, my memory’s not that great. Or they’re the playlist of whatever major crisis or joy I had that year. Which is totally fine, but I thought maybe this year I’d try to find at least one new song each month, and keep track of that. Sort of a little memory help, plus impetus to not just listen endlessly to all the songs I already know.

So, long story short (and you’ll have to forgive the rambling — I’ve been a little sick for a week and I am so out of it right now), my new-to-me January artist is Ingrid Michaelson, and the winning song is “Breakable”. I heard it first on The Current, and loved it enough to dig around in my purse while driving to fish out a receipt so I could scrawl a few key words on it, and then later rediscover this receipt and care enough to do a search for the song title and artist, and then cry to Bryce when it wasn’t available on YMJ. Six seconds later it was in my inbox, and that is the magic of Brycefu.

My little emo college soul would have loved this song so much. It’s totally the wrong time in my life for me to’ve made this discovery because even with the stress of making this move that I’m not a hundred percent sure I want to make I am kind of over the moon about life in general lately. Lately being the last year or two, really, so — I’m rambling. Hello out-of-it-ness. The point I am trying to make is that I love this song and I am very happy.