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May 29th, 2007

» to my fellow pretenders

For all the contact lens wearers (i.e. those who like to pretend they’re not half-blind without a little help), in case you haven’t heard yet (and many thanks to Bren for actually watching the news): Amo Inc. has recalled its entire Complete Moisture Plus line — that’s the one with the little sun logo, that used to come in the blue bottles with the extra storage compartment in the bottom but now comes in regular sort of bottles, and is priced much more reasonably than Renu and is an all-around lovely solution — except for that whole thing where it increases sevenfold your chance of getting some rare but horrible and potentially blinding corneal infection. You can read their press release pdf here.

They’re doing some kind of return/reimbursement program — there’s a toll-free number to call to leave your contact info, and they’ll send you a kit. If you use this solution you should stop right now, and go to the store (sigh) and find something else to try. (Triple sigh, actually; I just remembered that my Target is under construction and as of Friday I hate it deeply, wrathfully, hate it for being rearranged every time I set foot in there, no matter if I’ve only been outside for five minutes; I hate it for being different and for having over the last year drastically reduced its selection of all the things I want to buy and increased its selection of everything useless; I hate it for its constantly-broken photo machines, and the broken spirits of its employees for that matter; and I hate it most of all for the parking situation right now, which I exaggerate not a whit is far, far worse than any holiday-time parking shortage I’ve ever witnessed. I promised myself that I would express my wrath and frustration by not shopping there until they’re done with construction, but I’m not sure where else to go for contact solution. Woe.)

May 28th, 2007

» training log: 05/20 – 05/26

05/20 Sun: rest
05/21 Mon: biking
05/22 Tue: riding
05/23 Wed: rest
05/24 Thu: riding
05/25 Fri: rest
05/26 Sat: skydiving*

*Last time we went skydiving, Bryce and I decided that it completely counts as exercise, because it’s like running, only more vertical. And faster — which makes it harder. You wouldn’t believe how quickly we managed to cover 2.5 miles. With people strapped to our backs. Afterwards we rewarded our hard, hard work by stopping at a roadside cherry stand and getting heaps and heaps of the most luscious cherries I’ve ever had — and my first of the season, no less. (Cherries are, in case you’re unaware, the most perfect fruit, and a pleasure greater even than bananas or morning oatmeal.)

My tandem instructor told me my form was “text-book perfect” and that I could’ve made the jump myself. And we did two flips. And lots of spinning. It? Rocked. I can’t wait to go again.

May 21st, 2007

» training log: 05/06 – 05/19

05/06 Sun: rest
05/07 Mon: riding
05/08 Tue: rest
05/09 Wed: riding
05/10 Thu: 30 min C, riding
05/11 Fri: riding (lesson)
05/12 Sat: rest

So this whole more-aerobics thing is going to take more effort and less partying, I think. I had a fantastic (if exhausting) weekend, though. I spent Friday night out on Lake Minnetonka with Jo and a few people from the barn; we did a lot of drinking and dancing and then spent the night on S’s cabin cruiser. Saturday was M’s graduation party, which was lovely; she is a fantastic hostess, and there are always interesting people to talk to.

…and that was where my attempt at that update ended last week. So, to continue on (though I don’t remember if I did or didn’t exercise on Sunday… I know I thought about it, but I want to guess between being exhausted and all the Mother’s Day stuff I probably didn’t):

05/13 Sun: ..?
05/14 Mon: riding
05/15 Tue: riding
05/16 Wed: riding
05/17 Thu: riding
05/18 Fri: riding (lesson)
05/19 Sat: riding (show!)

The show went well; Captain was alternately a rockstar and a noodlehead. I’m still exhausted from the last week or two, and woke up this morning with one of those you-haven’t-been-sleeping-enough sore throat/headache combinations. But it’s all worth it. And yes, there are pictures, but no I don’t have them yet and yes I will post them when I do. If I remember. Don’t harrass me, though: I’m sleepy. So very sleepy.

May 7th, 2007

» training log: 04/30 – 05/05

04/29 Sun: riding
04/30 Mon: riding
05/01 Tue: 40 min S, riding
05/02 Wed: 25 min abs, riding
05/03 Thu: rest
05/04 Fri: riding (lesson)
05/05 Sat: 50 min C+S

I’ve started trying to fit aerobics back into my schedule. It’s not that I’ve managed to shake more time loose in my life (if anything there’s less; as the weather’s gotten nicer my time spent at the barn has grown exponentially — I’m not home until 8:30 or later most riding days), and it’s not that I’ve gained weight (I’m still under 1. The official goal weight I set with WW, 2. The secret goal weight I set for myself, and 3. The super-secret goal wist I had in the back of my mind when I set #1). I just feel better when I’m a little sore sometimes. It makes me feel fit. Riding is too much fun to feel like work, even when I ache the next day (which isn’t often, but lately I’ve made it a goal to go stirrupless for at least ten minutes per ride, and longer if things are going well, and let me tell you if you want a thigh [and hip and lower back and etc] workout, go stirrupless on a thoroughbred with a big bouncy trot).