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April 30th, 2007

» training log: 04/22 – 04/28

04/22 Sun: rest*
04/23 Mon: riding
04/24 Tue: biking
04/25 Wed: rest
04/26 Thu: riding
04/27 Fri: riding (lesson)
04/28 Sat: rest

*Sunday involved a lot of sitting up and standing down, all related to furniture shopping. Which, let me say, furniture shopping at Room & Board? Fabulous. I had such a blast. I didn’t hate anything I sat on (which has happened to me with more pieces than not at every other furniture store I’ve been in), and it was all beautiful, and just — the experience of shopping there was what shopping should always be like. Anyway, I’d count all the sitting down and standing up as exercise except we also had two cookies, which more than negated that. (The cookies, incidentally, were delicious, and clearly made with real butter. I give them high marks for refreshments as well as furniture.)

April 23rd, 2007

» training log: 04/15 – 04/21

04/15 Sun: rest
04/16 Mon: riding
04/17 Tue: riding
04/18 Wed: riding
04/19 Thu: rest
04/20 Fri: riding (lesson)
04/21 Sat: riding

When I started this whole keeping-track thing, I honestly expected more variety.

April 18th, 2007

» training log: 04/08 – 04/14

04/08 Sun: 50 min C+S
04/09 Mon: riding
04/10 Tue: riding
04/11 Wed: rest
04/12 Thu: riding
04/13 Fri: riding (lesson)
04/14 Sat: 45 min C+S

Also on Saturday? Best vegetarian fajitas ever. In Chanhassen, of all places. Mmm cactus paddle. I am so in love. I want cactus paddles in everything I eat from now on. (Okay, yeah, not everything, but they’re very tasty!)

April 12th, 2007


It’s a good day. Sort of. Weirdly. Between these random crabby bouts of really wanting to throttle someone, I’m in a great mood.

I got my hair cut last night, which is always always a fabulous experience at Moxie. I love love love my stylist (who always makes my hair decisions for me when I ask her, which is so awesome), and the woman who washed my hair (best scalp massage ever), and the receptionist, and just the whole vibe. Everyone always seems happy to be there. It’s like a present to myself to get my hair cut. (Which is good because I have been spending money like a drunken sailor this month and being really happy with how I spend it eases the raging guilt.) And then Jo and I went to Jasmine Deli, where I ate way too much but it was all fabulous — I’ve been craving their mock duck curry sandwich for months, and the day demanded noodles (the snow never did really stop).

And today? Today is a day for finding things. After weeks of waiting for my watch and ring to turn up (and worrying about it surprisingly little, considering it’s the ring I’ve worn almost every day for the last six and a half years — some things I just trust to the universe, though, and stuff turning back up is one of them), it occurred to me that I hadn’t checked the pocket of one of the hoodies I almost never wear, and there it was! Not ten minutes later I was heading out, and there on the bulletin board by the back door were two little rusting keys stuck up with a safety pin: the very two that vanished last fall while I was swapping some things in my storage locker. (They were the two extra for my locker and my bike lock, so I wasn’t without a way into either, and again — there are some things that aren’t worth worrying about.) I’m very excited about what else I might find today. Spring, perhaps?

April 11th, 2007

» training log: 04/01 – 04/07

04/01 Sun: 50 min cardio
04/02 Mon: riding (x2!)
04/03 Tue: riding
04/04 Wed: rest (does furniture moving count?)
04/05 Thu: rest
04/06 Fri: riding (lesson)
04/07 Sat: scrapbooking!

That’s right, most of my riding is now x2, and probably will be through May 19 — which is my next show, where I’ll be riding Captain. So now I’m training with him and Saza, since Saza’s other rider is going to be working out at a dude ranch (in Colorado, I think?) for the summer (I’m a touch jealous, but honestly it’s hard to be very jealous of anyone when I think of the end of my summer and how I’ll be, you know, riding horses in the Andes and hiking to mysterious ancient Incan cities and all that).

The trouble, of course, with training someone else’s horse is how easy it is to fall in love. I’ve been trying to think of the right metaphor for it and I can’t, really. Like living in someone’s home while remodeling it for them, if you deliriously love remodeling and have access to their unlimited budget, and then when it’s over you have to move out — only you can’t rest your head on a house’s warm, soft neck, and it will never fall half asleep with its big velvety nose nudged up against your collarbone, or look happy to see you or sad when you leave. More like being a surrogate mother, then, maybe. Anyway, the whole thing is sometimes a little heartbreaking.

In other things-I-don’t-like news: It’s snowing. It’s April. It’s snowing kind of a lot, a lot more than I was given to expect, having dutifully watched the weather report Monday night (after getting back from the barn, where I spent the evening riding outside). It’s been going since at least 6:26 this morning. The ground isn’t frozen any more, yet the snow? She is accumulating. The trees and bushes are all white, branch to twig-tip, and it would all be lovely and charming if it were December. But it’s April. Not cute any more. I want spring!