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February 28th, 2007

» me + life = love

So, apparently I am just never going to have time to write with anything resembling regularity or timeliness — I still have a half post from, oh, last year, about Bryce visiting, and it’s just patently not going to happen. (Worse yet is the one from last April’s trip to Baton Rouge.) Things were busy enough around here before the stock market decided to make everyone insane yesterday. I dream fondly of the days when I used to be able to more or less clear my desk off before I left each afternoon.

Over President’s Day weekend Steph & I visited Bryce. There was much crazy-sushi-making (the making of crazy sushi that is, not the crazy making of sushi — well, maybe a little of the latter too), and much Hobee’s, and a little hammocking, and even less sleep, and a lot of driving around San Francisco looking for parking. But the whole San Fran parking thing was totally worth it, because on a whim we popped into the Good Will and within five minutes? Cocktail dress for my work conference (excuse the cameraphoneness):

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February 28th, 2007

» training log: 02/18 – 02/24

02/18 Sun: CA!
02/19 Mon: CA!
02/20 Tue: rest
02/21 Wed: 50 min C+S
02/22 Thu: riding (yay!)
02/23 Fri: riding (lesson)
02/24 Sat: rest

February 20th, 2007

» training log: 02/11 – 02/17

02/11 Sun: rest
02/12 Mon: 40 min S
02/13 Tue: rest – fam dinner
02/14 Wed: 45 min C
02/15 Thu: rest
02/16 Fri: 30 min C
02/17 Sat: CA!

February 14th, 2007

» training log: 02/04 – 02/10

02/04 Sun: rest
02/05 Mon: 30 min S – Abs
02/06 Tue: 30 min C
02/07 Wed: 45 min C+S
02/08 Thu: rest – fam dinner
02/09 Fri: rest
02/10 Sat: 30 min C

Still too cold to ride. :(

February 8th, 2007

» pre-pre-pre-teen

I am utterly in love with the ‘I am on the phone‘ness of this.

on an important call