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January 29th, 2007

» training log: 01/21 – 01/27

01/21 Sun: rest
01/22 Mon: riding
01/23 Tue: fam dinner
01/24 Wed: shopping, woe
01/25 Thu: riding
01/26 Fri: riding (lesson)
01/27 Sat: riding (show!)

That’s right, folks, Saza and I went to our very first horse show this Saturday. (First for both of us separately and together.) I spent the entire week in a frenzy of riding and shopping for riding and worrying about riding, but I managed to get a new shirt and breeches, though I was coatless and rode in my low boots and half-chaps — which didn’t matter, really, since Saza is Saza and rather silly about all manner of things. She surprised all of us, though, by being a little spooky but fairly manageable, and not biting nor kicking anyone, even when another horse plowed into us during warm-ups, and she gave me much better cantering than she ever does at home. It was decidedly fun and decidedly exhausting.

Sadly there are no pictures. A minute after my ride I emerged from the arena to take my first armload of gear back to the trailer, and there were my mom and sister and Alex, having finally arrived after being lost for god knows how long. I felt bad that they’d made the long trip all the way out only to tramp through the bitter cold to say hello, then turn around and drive all the way back home. This summer, though, the shows will be warmer, and closer, and hopefully Saza and I will be that much better for all the training between now and then.

January 22nd, 2007

» training log: 01/14 – 01/20

01/14 Sun: nada
01/15 Mon: 45 min C
01/16 Tue: 30 min C&S – JF Arms
01/17 Wed: riding
01/18 Thu: rest
01/19 Fri: riding (lesson)
01/20 Sat: riding

Friday (and Saturday) I rode a new horse, an off-track thoroughbred another girl at the barn has out on trial. He hadn’t been ridden in a week or two, and even after lungeing him forever he was in fine high spirits, speeding endlessly around in that big amazing trot of his. I’d love to give him a try on a cross-country course, though I don’t think he’s ever been jumped before and, well, it’s winter. And we don’t have a cross-country course. He’s a very pretty boy, though.

Have I mentioned I want one? I do, terribly. Though yesterday I updated my budgeting (I use the Microsoft Money utility that came with my computer, and that’s astonishingly wonderful for a — well, I guess it wasn’t free exactly since I’m sure the price was incorporated into the purchase price of the computer. Anyhow, I really like it), which I’d neglected through the holiday season. I have to say one of the best things I’ve done for myself in this past year is keeping rigorous track of my expenses — first in my checkbook register and then in Money. I’ve got a full year of spending habits to look at now, and while I still have the sketchiest of budgets, a thing dictated by rather than dictating my spending, it’s nice to know I could easily pinpoint places to cut back if I needed to. Which I don’t, which is even nicer to know. And I put over 20% of my income into my retirement fund, and I’m proud of that. Playing with Money makes me feel like I’m a real adult, and one who’s doing well. End own-horn-tootage. (Tootage, heh.)

Also! On Friday? My bank boy totally made my sign. It was just scribbled on a deposit envelope and he didn’t put it up until after I’d made my deposit, but it was brilliant.

January 18th, 2007


A client just dropped off a bar of white blueberry chocolate for me, and it is exquisite.

January 16th, 2007

» training log: 01/07 – 01/13

01/07 Sun: 30 min treadmill – gym
01/08 Mon: riding
01/09 Tue: 30 min S – JF Abs
01/10 Wed: rest (sick, ugh)
01/11 Thu: rest (sick, ugh)
01/12 Fri: riding (lesson) — too cold!; 50 min C+S
01/13 Sat: slacking

Gym tally: 1

January 9th, 2007


I read somewhere (I think it was in Cunt, which is a fabulous book, one of my favorite of 2006; everyone should read it, truly) that for women there’s a particular time of month when you’re super-clumsy (and what a delightful word, clumsy, all bumbling and warm, like chum and daisy have met and become a puppydog) — some hormonal thing, I guess. Anyway, I’d never noticed it before but today I’ve spilled like six thousand times, which is unusual, and I figure it must be that. I really shouldn’t be allowed the tea currently steeping beside my keyboard, but the ache in my throat is whimpering for peppermint, and so peppermint it shall have.

Speaking of books, I’m currently listening to The Year of Magical Thinking, by Joan Didion, and it’s exquisite. I’ve never read grief described so exactly right. (It’s especially wonderful coming at a time when I’m also trying to listen to Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury, which I’m not enjoying at all. Which is embarrassing to admit because it’s the sort of book I’m supposed to like. I don’t know if it’s because I’m listening to it instead of reading it myself [a disadvantage, I find, with books that take a lot of thinking, because it's much harder to pause and go back, to reread passages, and this book is chock full of time jumps -- jumps so abrupt I more than once paused while cooking or washing dishes to inspect my ipod to make sure I hadn't somehow messed up the track order when making the playlist] or if I’m just not in the frame of mind or if it’s because I haven’t read the synopsis so have no clue what I’m supposed to be expecting or what, but it’s hard, and I find I’m frustrated. I’m usually such a fan of subtlety, the submerged truth; I’m not used to it kicking my ass.)

Work’s been making my head spin around lately. The saving grace of last week was Monday off, and Tuesday half-off (thank you NASD & cohorts), but there’s no such reprieve this week, and it doesn’t feel like Tuesday. It feels like a day that doesn’t exist, something out beyond Friday, the work week stretched to infinity, and I feel a thousand years old. It’s hard to conceive of managing anything beyond driving home and dragging myself straight to bed.

One day to The Talk. Thirty-eight to San Francisco.

So I’m exhausted, but feeling strangely complacent. I’m coming off a very successful shopping weekend: I finally have things on my living room wall, and fabric to attempt a dress, and two new necklaces (which are hard to describe exactly — one’s painted metal, all shades of plum and darkest turquoise, a square nearly half the size of my thumb stamped with a tree, with a little pair of golden leaves hung over it, by Kevin n Anna; the other a Kathy Loewenstern piece, a reversible necklace made of silver and Japanese Chiyogami paper, one side with small pink blossoms and the other an orange goldfish swimming in blue [though I see now if you go through the site you can customize your own, wah! I wish I'd known]; they are nearly enough to make up for the piece I really wanted, the necklace that was over $100, inset with pale blue silk and bordered in tiny exquisite beading).

And it’s taken me half the day to write this (sad indeed), so I’m going to give up and get fully back to work.