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November 27th, 2006

» training log: 11/19 – 11/25

11/19 Sun: I…don’t remember now. Woe.
11/20 Mon: riding
11/21 Tue: rest (does cooking count?)
11/22 Wed: rest (does shopping count?)
11/23 Thu: rest (does eating count?)
11/24 Fri: riding (lesson)
11/25 Sat: 30 min C&S – JF Arms

Gym tally: 5

I’ve decided I need to start keeping a gym tally too, because if I don’t go at least 8 times a month I don’t get my medical insurance reimbursement. And as little as 8 times a month sounds, between riding and doing videos at home I am going to need to keep careful track of gym visits. Obviously. Woe.

I sucked more than I thought I would this week, but I was also really really busy with Thanksgiving things. Such as: rolls; cornbread stuffing; mushroom gravy; roasted beets, carrots, and parsnips; cranberry relish; pumpkin pie; and apple pie. I made the cornbread for the stuffing, guys, and the crust for the pies. Which…is not a good excuse, I know, especially considering I then turned around and ate the stuffing and pie. They were good, though. Especially the pie.

November 20th, 2006

» snipsnip

I got my hair cut again. I adore my stylist. (Who is, incidentally, on the third call-back for some reality tv show about hairdressers. I would be so. tickled.) It’s not a huge change, mostly just cleaning up what I already had, and I think the place where you can tell the most difference is the back, which none of y’all care about or ever see. (Er, at least on the website. For those of you who actually see me: you may rejoice! The back of my head is, for the time being, lovely.) The cut is, in the words of the aforementioned stylist, “a little bit rock and/or roll.” Which is just exactly perfect. So I came home and tried to take a picture of it, which degenerated rapidly into my usual making of faces at the webcam:

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November 20th, 2006

» training log: 11/12 – 11/18

11/12 Sun: 30 min jogging intervals
11/13 Mon: gym – strength training
11/14 Tue: rest
11/15 Wed: riding
11/16 Thu: 35 min jogging intervals
11/17 Fri: riding (lesson)
11/18 Sat: rest

I really should’ve done something on Saturday (other than strolling around the mall and Target, and as much as I wish it did, shopping does not count as exercise), but I’ve been entirely exhausted lately. Hit-by-a-truck sort of exhausted, even after a full night’s sleep, and it makes it doubly hard to get motivated. Will. Do. Better.

November 17th, 2006

» sideways from here

My dreams lately have been the ordinary gone strange. Two nights ago I am Neil Gaiman having a usual morning with my wife and daughter, all toast and tea and then getting ready to leave on errands and discovering that the paparazzi have surrounded the house, and then needing to take some medication — there is the alternating vague sense that it is for anxiety, or a heart condition, or asthma. The big white pills stick in my throat and I keep casting around for something to swallow them with; I find can after can of diet coke with only a half swallow left and the pills are going bitter and sticky and I can’t get them down. (I wake with a faint shame at having dreamt myself into Neil Gaiman’s personal life; I feel sorry and a little creeped out on his behalf.)

Last night I am attending a wedding; it is an evening affair, all a whirl of preparations, fine food, fine gowns. The ceremony itself is in a smaller building separated from a stately stone mansion by an enlarged version of my back yard. I am in simple peach silk and I’ve come out of the main house at last to head back to the festivities. It is a dark, damp evening; though the stars are all out now it had previously been raining, and shortly the soggy ground gives way to a marsh, and a little further still a whole lake has formed. I stand just where the water begins, my shoes sinking a little into the soaked grass. There is no other way to the wedding; I hesitate and then, knowing there’s no helping it, wade in. The water is cool and very clear; beneath everything is black-green, a world of waving velvety vegetation and old tires and the occasional silver glint of fish and stars. I dive down, skirting tree trunks, all sleek silk and drifting hair.

(Not, that is to say, that we have old tires in our back yard, because we don’t. But if your brain is dreaming up an eerie nighttime world where your yard’s gone all towering oaks rising from dark water there’s bound to be some interesting, if inauthentic, lakebottom debris involved.)

November 14th, 2006

» training log: 11/5 – 11/11

11/05 Sun: 50 min C&S – Complete Body Sculpting
11/06 Mon: riding
11/07 Tue: 35 min jogging intervals
11/08 Wed: riding
11/09 Thu: 60 min jogging intervals
11/10 Fri: riding (lesson)
11/11 Sat: rest

I’ve decided to start keeping regular track of my — training, for lack of a better word, though I’m not really training for anything. (I’d say hiking in Peru, but it’s really still too early for that, given the shape I’m already in.) I love the riding situation I have going right now but it’s not much of a cardio workout, so keeping a log will both help motivate me to get in a workout on nights I’m not riding, and help remind me that I *am* keeping active, even if it feels purely like fun.