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July 26th, 2005

» Alexander Robert

July 25th, 2005


    Business terms I’ve come to hate:

  • synergy
  • moving target
  • ‘apples to apples’ (as in comparing)
    Things I like:

  • lists
  • oatmeal
  • the game ‘apples to apples’

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July 24th, 2005

» ta-da!

After much tussling and head-scratching and squinting and ftp-age, I have upgraded movable type so I could upgrade the blacklist plug-in that helps me batten down the comment hatches against spam.

So we will now resume our regularly-scheduled blog, with each entry tagged by a lovely ‘comment? (0)’.

July 22nd, 2005

» observation

    My married friends include:

  • Katie & Abe
  • Katie & John
  • Katy & Jon
  • Carrie & Jonathan

July 22nd, 2005

» dislikes

    Things I do not like:

  • people talking with their mouths full
  • people chewing with their mouths open
  • gum-smacking
  • people standing for extended periods in front of the open freezer or fridge
  • people leaving the fridge open while otherwise occupied
  • people leaving on lights while not in the room
  • people letting the water run while brushing their teeth
  • 4 or fewer people in an SUV
  • overcooked pasta

I think it all comes down to my belief in the power of community (er, and my anal retentiveness). I firmly believe in the importance of me turning off the water for the minute it takes to brush my teeth. I believe in the impact of closing the fridge while I’m measuring out a cup of milk on the counter beside it. I believe in the compounding of actions. Maybe my neighbor does not care about the thirty seconds that the cold is pouring out of their own fridge, but that doesn’t give me license not to care about mine. All the tiniest things I can do to conserve I do. What couldn’t be accomplished if everyone did them? How much could we all save by living mindfully every day, in all of these small ways? It’s not such an inconvenience to close and reopen the fridge. Truly.

Also I prefer my pasta al dente.