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June 29th, 2005

» finding Neverland

Yesterday while pining over the Peter Pan performances I’d mentioned, I jotted down the number for the Ordway box office. Today the sticky resurfaced on my desk and I called on something of a whim. A whim which tonight is carrying my sister and me to Big Bowl for shared stir-fry and then to St. Paul for student rush tickets — and so, with a bit of luck, to the performance. (Incidentally, I find I enjoy going places with my sister even more than usual lately. I’m not sure why but everyone loves seeing a pregnant lady. Myself included.)

I’ve always been enchanted by the Peter Pan story. There are fairies and flying. Pirates. Rogue crocodiles. Hidden woodland forts. The question of age, of course. Gender and desire. Roles we play. In my head it’s now also bound up with Johnny Depp (and for me he is a complex construction that probably has only half to do with the real him at all, if that) and Kathy (who is also complex in my head, but in a way much more solidly related to reality), and it all spiderwebs from there. Today Peter Pan’s become an unexpected touchpoint for everything I love and miss, and I’m anticipating it with a sort of melancholy fondness. With wist.

June 28th, 2005

» random

Yesterday morning I hustled out the door a few minutes late, hauled all of my work paraphernalia into my car (I really need to wean myself away from the extra bag, as I so rarely use its contents), and fumbled the key into the ignition. The engine turned over, ran for all of half a second, and then coughed off. Attempt two was greeted with a loud, low, steady whine. Luckily my mom was just on her way out the door, so I dragged all of my things over to her car and she drove me in.

All is well in [Elliot/Oscar] land now, though. The guess is something in the engine got wet. It was right as rain this morning, though, despite yesterday’s continued storming. Last night sunset was all low and vibrant, the soft brilliance of storm season. All the tornadoes seemed to be north and east, which they always are, so we were touched only with heavy rain, some thunder, a few licks of lightning.

I was too lazy to go downstairs to grab the easy supper items from those freezers, so (ironically) I made Piedomontese braised turkey with polenta and Mediterranean vegetables. The vegetables were a cheat — microwaved straight from the bag — but the rest was done by hand, so I think it was a nice compromise. The gravy was delicate and flavored beautifully of sage and red wine, and I hate even calling it gravy because to me the word is the thick ultraheavy brown affair always served at Thanksgiving, and this was light, half translucent, complex. It was my first crack at polenta and I started it a bit too early so it cooled a little in the pan while I was whisking the gravy, but it doesn’t seem to be an extremely touchy thing. On its own it was utterly bland, but I liked it quite a lot with the gravy and onions.

I’m inexplicably exhausted again today. Well, perhaps it’s the ghosts of last week’s sleep deficit. That and I keep staying up a little too late reading, and this past weekend I woke early twice and both times chose the book over a little extra sleep. It’s a pattern I’ve missed, though, giving whole stretches of hours over to reading.

I keep trying to see Howl’s Moving Castle and it keeps not working out, so I’m thinking I might abandon the attempt. Abandon movies altogether for a while, though I’d sort of like to see Bewitched, and of course Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when it comes out. We saw Batman Begins on Father’s Day and it was good, though I’m glad we only paid matinee prices for it; I’m increasingly picky about what I’ll go to full price.

Peter Pan opens at the Ordway today, and it looks like it’ll be good fun. I’d had vague thoughts of student rushing with Carrie, but it’s only on through July 10 and she’s in Russia through the end of July. Finding Neverland has been haunting me since I saw it; it’d probably be smart to watch it again, just to get it out of my system.

June 26th, 2005

» click-click

five weeks to baby baby baby!

Bren & Jo & me
June 23, 2005 – Serenity prescreening

June 20th, 2005

» gusts NW at 58

The corner office is unusually dark when I glance up. Leaning forward I can steal a foot or so of Marek’s view, and beyond his window it is all greygreen and lightless. Over the lunchhour I immersed myself in Brian Vander Ark’s journal so my mind is on him as I wander into Marek’s office, flicking his light off and standing in front of his window, my mind a thousand miles away from the empty suite and the work waiting strewn across my desk.

The rain is coming down in determined sheets, breaking up from car hoods in the parking lot below, an entity with breath and movement. The storm seethes and I am dreaming strangely of the open road, of warm summer wind through open car windows, my heart gone hobo. For a minute I want out like nothing else. And then I turn away and flip the light up again and return to my desk and my folders and wait for the restlessness to ease.

June 11th, 2005

» feta and chicken and veggies, oh my!

Feta Chicken & Vegetables

(Er, sorry the picture’s fuzzy. The camera apparently got confused about which chicken to focus on.)

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