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March 28th, 2005

» ‘cat named easter’

Easter has become such a strange, quiet little holiday in our house since I was away at school. This was my first in four years and it seemed a soft echo of Christmas — the morning spent in the kitchen, the sink heaped with dishes and everyone moving in strange choreography, trying to coordinate so the entire meal might emerge whole and finished from the oven and stovetop at exactly the same moment; small gift bags in the afternoon; a slow sighing card game; ice cream; goodbyes. Lunch was pretty, though: Cornish game hens in apricot sauce, creamy potatoes, whole wheat stuffing, broccoli, French bread, fresh fruit.

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March 22nd, 2005

» ‘moon spun on a pool cue’

Not a lot to say lately. Or, rather, not a lot of inclination to say it. Have been working, have been happy, have been sad & out of sorts. Have been dreaming all immediate & involved, every night a whole long other life pulled from somewhere deep. Visceral.

I’m restless with the coming spring. Imagining far-off places. Italy, Egypt, India. Drunk on wistfulness. Lonely.

Everything I really feel is lost in wise restraint.

March 17th, 2005

» Brown

Is it terrible and trite of me to adore our UPS man?

Because I do. I love the UPS man. And he’s blonde, which is strange. Well — not strange that he’s blonde, but strange that I adore him, because generally blonde doesn’t do it for me.

Maybe I just need to get out more.

Tuesday Mel brought over pictures of the baby. Little alien ultrasound pictures, which are awesome. Little baby fingers and toeses, and a little baby profile with a snubby button nose. August is so going to rock.

Today I’m meant to have a talk, and I am trying not to think about it much. Which makes this whole writing-about-it thing sort of counterproductive, come to think of it. So I’m going to stop. Immediately.


March 15th, 2005

» ‘give me miles & miles of mountains’

Since returning from Kirksville I’ve been listening to David Guterson’s Our Lady of the Forest on cd. On ten cds, really, so that’s been roughly two weeks of commuting, plus the time spent listening up through Iowa. Anyway, yesterday afternoon literally just as I was pulling into the driveway the gentle the-story-is-ending music rose, and Blair Brown spoke the last words as I slid neatly into the garage. And that was that.

I’m taken with this idea now, though, this books-on-cd idea. So this morning I put in the only other one I own, and bathed in Ralph Fiennes’ beautiful voice and Michael Ondaatje’s beautiful words all the way to work. The English Patient is unfortunately abridged and only four cds, but it is lovely all the same, and familiar, and I think I’ve needed that this week.

I finally saw Mystic River last night. It wasn’t what I was expecting. I’m…not sure what I was expecting, really; I think somewhere along the line I’d confused it with — Mulholland Drive? I don’t recall. Something else I also hadn’t seen. (As if that list isn’t miles.)

Anyway, it was good. Not my typical sort of movie. I think because it was so — masculine? It was a little Godfathery, I guess. Which…I also haven’t seen. Anyhow, it was quite compelling — Sean Penn in particular, and… I don’t know her name. The dark-haired wife of Tim Robbins’ character, the boy who gets in the car.

And really I don’t think I can comment beyond that, since I wasn’t paying very good attention while I watched, and was interrupted a few times. One of those times with oreo cheesecake, from the Cheesecake Factory, which I ate much more of than I ought, and which was utterly perfect, and which I think I do not quite regret enough.

This morning the world looked all ridiculous, like an overdone Christmas display, the ground dusted with big frosted feathery snow, all air and glitter. Everything literally glittering. But it all finds me fresh out of holiday spirit. It is March, not December, and I prefer to think of the enormous sweet strawberries I had for breakfast and the bright yellow daffodils blooming in the jar on the kitchen island.

March 12th, 2005

» ‘no hero in her sky’

New layouts are exhausting. But it’s finished now, I think. And it seems to look all right in Firefox, I guess. On my cursory look. If anyone finds anything that’s broken, though, please let me know. Or anything you think just looks bad, you can tell me that too. Please.

The Closer dvd is being released soon. The end of this month, I think. Not sure if I’ll get it or not; dvds have an annoying habit of dropping dramatically in price after 6 months or a year or so, and I think this one in particular will.

And that’s all, I think. I’m going to stumble off and do something Not in front of the computer for a while.