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November 30th, 2004

» nngh

Got up this morning at 5:30. Enjoyed thought of getting early start on day. Enjoyed way predawn light looked touching lake. Did not enjoy actual waking process. Did not enjoy part where keys were locked in running car (though did enjoy that it was not my car). Enjoyed pizza. Did not enjoy pizza-guilt. Did not enjoy furniture people kicking us off furniture. Did v. much enjoy new desk. Did v. much enjoy new space in general. (Enjoyed new coat rack, but not $220 enjoyed.)

Did not enjoy spending total of ten and a half hours at work. Will enjoy getting out early later.

Had disappointing meeting. Had secretly expected miracles, despite amount of stuffing consumed since last Thursday. Am galvanized.

Will one day take pictures of new office. Will one day finish journal entries about summer vacation. Will one day become organized and timely in all matters.

Or not.

November 26th, 2004

» renewed request

For anyone who hasn’t heard about this offer — it’s pretty cool, if you have five friends who’re willing to help you out with it. It’s the free i-pod offer. I’ve had one person complete one (::hearts!::), so I just need four more. And my offer still stands to do something fun in return. I don’t know what — just let me know.

Anyway, the offers are nice. There’s always one or two that don’t involve any cost at all, and a few that are free trials, etc etc. I signed up for the Blockbuster online deal and I actually really like it and am still using it. It’s super-convenient. And it’s what’s let me see Firefly without spending a ton of money to either buy the dvds or pay the rental (and then late) fees to keep the dvds long enough to see everything.

Thanks guys!

November 22nd, 2004

» I hate the paper shredder.

Oh, sure. At first it seemed like a good idea.

At first it was fun. Who doesn’t like to cut shit up? Who doesn’t like it better if there’s a machine to cut the shit up in small strips for you, and all you have to do is feed the stuff in and watch the destruction?

At first I didn’t live below it full-time.

At first no one was obsessed with shredding things.

Now, though.

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November 22nd, 2004


Had a good and half-productive weekend. Spent a few hours at the Aveda Institute on Saturday getting my hair cut; well worth $12. I also bought some of their universal styling cream, which is a complete miracle. A miracle, I tell you. And it smells really good.

Jo and I had dinner at Vescio’s, which is a tasty Italian place in Dinkytown. I ate things I probably shouldn’t've, but not a terrible lot of them, so at least that’s something. Then we went over to the Purple Onion and got very hyper on coffee and tea, respectively. And then we stayed up far, far too late playing the Sims. Shamefully late. So late I won’t even say.

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November 18th, 2004

» neil

Lately I’m becoming more and more enamored of Neil Gaiman’s journal. He is often both witty and humorous, and when he is not tickling me pink he is profound and/or touching, and he is always well-spoken. But mostly I laugh. I laugh a lot.

He writes of having an academic book written about him:

So I’ll be in the Rosen catalogue, in between Neil Armstrong: The First Man on the Moon and Nero: Destroyer of Rome, and schoolchildren across America will stare with huge, impressionable eyes at the pictures of me and the panels from the comics reproduced in the book and then, I have no doubt, will pick up their pens, inspired, and will carefully draw a mustache and/or breasts on each and every picture.