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November 29th, 2003

» in which I ramble

Thanksgiving break is always a funny thing since winter break comes so closely on its heels. School for three months, then home for a week, then school for another two weeks, then home again.

It always seems like such a lovely, relaxing thing, the week off of class. But it’s always followed by the two weeks where everything is due: portfolios, projects, papers. And then there are finals, of course. Not that the end of this term is going to be an especially difficult one, comparatively. I’ve just been thinking about it a lot today, wading through a dozen books on queer theory and/or Moby-Dick. It would be nicer to have a little less time but nothing school-related to do in it.

Ah well. Winter break is for all manner of sleeping and reading and shopping and visiting. Carrie will be home, and Oliver is at the Ordway, and by next week my town’s Christmas lights will all be hung.

I know I’m a month and a half too early for these reflections, but: It’s been a good year. It’s been a very good year. (I suppose, from the other side, I am only a few days too late expressing this thankfulness.)

And, while I’m on the subject, I’m also thankful for close girl friends. They’re unbelievably empowering (among other things).

And that’s all for tonight.

November 18th, 2003

» in passing

Still alive, but v. busy lately. Have been gearing up for English senior seminar conference — recording, filming, editing. Am overcome by longing for all things more expensive. Big squishy-covered microphones and oversized padded headphones, a mixing board wider than my armspan in a little room with one soundproof glass wall and the close warm smell of working electronics, cameras the size of my torso on smooth-gliding cranes that tilt and wheel and spin.

Stopped only to say this, and to marvel at the relatively new and self-indulgent luxury of allowing nearly five gigs of music to accumulate on my harddrive. Am sleepy and sore but calm, and dreaming of Tori and LotR and N. B.’s tight, lingering hugs.