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July 29th, 2003

» witchy goodness

Why yes, that is Red Pants Willow. Why yes, I did get her in L.A. for $15. Why yes, I did take her out of her box. I’m perversely glad that she hasn’t been $100+ on ebay lately, because I feel good about keeping her.

(That man in the background, by the way, is saying hello to Katie. And yes, he has no arms.)

July 24th, 2003

» summer wind

Sitting cross-legged in the middle of my hot dark living room in just a t-shirt with the light coming up from the entry way at my back making a soft faraway glow that makes me feel wonderfully solitary and chocolate liquor lying heavy and warm and silky in my stomach I am transported by a sudden cool breeze funneling through the open windows of the house speaking Minnesota summer nights and cricketsong and maybe peace.

July 13th, 2003

» found while cleaning

  • a driver’s ed notebook, six years old
  • pictures of A. B.’s horse
  • a half dollar
  • a birthday card from my grandfather
  • a picture: me, Erin, and Leslie, the first day of preschool
  • marriage certificates for my model horses
  • “It was unbearably hot that summer. Minnesota had succeeded from Canada, France was embroiled in another revolution, and Madame President of the United States had been assassinated by Texan rebels.” (the beginning of a story about a girl’s “maturation through WWIV, when the harsh realities of the evil side of human nature present themselves”)
  • 80s jewelry…lots of 80s jewelry…