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October 29th, 2001

» an account of rattlesnakes

Things I learned last Friday night:

  1. Kate is sort for Katherine, with a K and an I.
  2. She is a wench.
  3. Carrie’s name is “We’re going to the kitchen.”
  4. You can’t compete with a shower.
  5. We are not the Taco Bell drive-up window.
  6. One should never write about ridiculous things like pies and the human ear. (Actually I already knew this, but one can never learn this too often.)

I am in love with fairy wings, especially blue ones. They are going to hang on my wall and every time I’m homesick, I’ll look at them and…well, probably be Yellow too. No matter. I have decided that as much as I have been a mermaid I have also been a fairy. And a lioness, because I am a Leo and that is what all Leos have been, some more than others.

Tori was fantastic. What can I say? It is one of those situations where words are not enough to create even a glimmer of the experience and it is better to leave it. My new favorite Tori song is Rattlesnakes, which has been in my head all morning. Count yourself lucky that I am about to quote only part of it to you.

All you need is
love is all you need

Jodie never sleeps ’cause there are
always needles in the hay – hay
She says a girl needs a gun these days
Hey on account of the rattlesnakes
Hey on account of the rattlesnakes

She looks like Eve Marie Saint
In on the waterfront
As she reads Simone de Beauvoir
In her American circumstance
Her heart?s like crazy paving
Upside down and back to front, she says
Ooh, it?s so hard to love when
Love was your great disappointment

Rufus also sang about California, but in my head I like to edit out a few words — namely, the “in bed” part of “you’re such a wonder that i think i’ll stay in bed” because it seems much more appropriate to my American circumstance that way. Of course in its original form it is a much more clever play on words, and I would prefer he didn’t change it.

Tori is a goddess, and in the interests of forgetting the people who ate popcorn through “Me and a Gun” I am not going to relate that incident here.

I’m going to German now, and perhaps to fetch my Series of Unfortunate Events cards from Stephie’s room, because they are too wonderful not to send to someone immediately.

October 26th, 2001

» assholes are cheap today

“assholes are cheap today
cheaper than yesterday
small ones are half a crown
sitting up or lying down”

- Tori Amos

I hate people.

Firstly, bitchy hall desk workers. How is “Could you see if there’s a package for —?” so offensive? “Well, you can check your mail box to see if there’s a package slip. If you think you’re supposed to have a package today you could come up here and say ‘Would you check if there’s a package for —?’ And we’ll check.” How in the hell is what I said different enough from what she said I was supposed to say that I need to be yelled at? Could is the goddamn subjunctive form, which equals polite. Argh.

Secondly, adlkfjasdiofeawmd.

Thirdly, I’m done. Really.

Tomorrow is Tori! We’re doing fairy wings tonight, provided I find nothing when I get up the courage to inquire at the hall desk about my package yet again. Even if I do, I guess, because no one else will have them. :-D

I register next week, and this is advanced warning that next semester I’m not going to be able to talk to anyone. Agh. It should be all fun and/or easy classes, though, so that’s a plus.

Also, one quick note before I run off to calculus. I have a new website in the works, as many of you know. It’ll be a while, but if you have any suggestions or want to help me out, let me know.

October 21st, 2001

» debuting Adam

This dream was about AI (Artificial Intelligence). For whatever reason, I was chosen to help look after Adam (he wasn’t called Adam in my dream, but he was an adorable Haley Joel Osment robot boy) prior to his big debut — I assume at a conference or something. There were bad guys out to get him, though, and we had gone to this dinner where someone insisted on feeling behind his ears and then started tugging on a bit of machinery there, hurting him. I yelled at the man and rescued Adam, only to be told by the group leader that this had been part of some scheme I had just fucked up. Needless to say, I wasn’t too happy about any plan that involved hurting him, or treating him like a tool.

Later we were trying to come up with a plan to get out of the enemy city unscathed — or unfollowed, anyway. This girl I dislike was there, waiting for the bus. We changed our mind, deciding to chance driving, and while I was moving away toward the car she grabbed Adam’s arm. I asked her what the hell she was doing, and she said I should know very well. When I didn’t, she continued, saying that she was going to turn us in for eating beef for dessert. So I yelled at her too, because even in my strange dream it wasn’t illegal to have beef for dessert, and anyway we hadn’t. She ended up coming nicely enough with us, though I couldn’t trust her any more because obviously she was with the enemy. My dream ended on a long, very dark, very deserted road, Adam in my lap and me watching the back window for pursuers.

An addendum: we paid for dinner at the restaurant with rubber bands. They passed around a small, shallow basket in which to collect them, but I had only the rubberbands I use to keep my journal shut, so I had to give those.

October 20th, 2001

» pity party

This dream is about —, an old friend. He was throwing a party because he was ill and about to undergo an operation. I don’t know why this called for a party, but his parents had planned one. His house was an enormous mansion, and there was a large hall all laid out with food. I was surprised to have been invited (we haven’t talked in some time), but he said he wanted to talk to me. I knew — in the way of dream-knowing — that he was going to confess his love for me.

October 20th, 2001

» Keanu’s whiskers

In this dream I was having dinner with Keanu Reeves’ family and he, just returned from some stint in a foreign country, joined us a few minutes into the meal. Curiously, he had long, stiff, white whiskers, like a cat. His mother, asking him about them, reached over and snapped one off his face. He sort of laughed, explaining it was a custom and he had learned to grow catfish whiskers in that other country. He proceeded to reach up adn snap them off his face one by one, handing the pile at last to his mother.