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June 11th, 2001

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“I’ve been a bad, bad girl…”

I’ve been meaning to write, really I have, but summer perversely brings out the lazy in me. During winter I work quite diligently, mostly at being miserable or bored or awed/odd. Maybe school clicks on at least some mental processes and this is an unfortunate side effect. (This website, I mean.) I am too lazy to html lately.

I’ve been working. A lot. And it is very boring. The company my dad works for has been swallowed by a bigger fish, and the AS400 operating system they use gives Big Fish indigestion. So, all the thousands and thousands of manufacturing instructions and analytical notes and data fact sheets and god knows what else must be converted to a new format, and what a circus it has been. First Big Fish wanted .rtf files. Then .txt files. Then they wanted .rtf files agian. Now they want .docs. Luckily, smart guppies that we are, we saved the .rtfs. And anyway, I’m a whore for money. Give me ten bucks an hour and I’ll let you choose whatever extensions you want. You can even keep the mint on the pillow. I’m actually writing this at work, too. The office building is literally across the street from the metrodome, so I have a wonderful view of downtown. And right now downtown is very dark. I expect it will pour any minute now. There are tornadoes west of here, which is always interesting. It’s that time
of year. At least maybe it won’t be so bloody hot any more.

This past weekend was shop-happy. Wilson’s Leather loves me and I love it right back. I’ve also acquired a subwoofer and new speakers for Das Komputer. I finally saw Moulin Rouge last Friday, too. Yum yum Ewan McGregor! (Or Ewan Fiennes, as he shall henceforth be known. Uhm… Actually, I don’t think I’ve mentioned that. Briefly: Sarah and I are obsessed with The English Patient and the Fiennes brothers, most especially Ralph (pronounced rafe) and Joseph. One day we’re going to live on our own island with all seven of them. There are five originals and two honoraries: Jude Fiennes (previously Law) and, of course, Ewan.) So, yeah. Go see it.

So, anyway, it was a fun family-oriented weekend. Which brings me to my mom, because I have to give her some kudos. She’s a social worker at a nursing home; she used to work on the Alzheimer’s/dementia floor, but now she does that and the regular floor below it. They’re all over-worked and under-payed, because it’s health care and no one realizes what an enormously hard and shitty job it can be. So, my story. One of her residents (I don’t remember her name now) was up for her six month financial review, and the financial office contacted my mom to tell her to take care of it because they didn’t have any records of her finances. This is very weird, because it’s their job to collect bills, and so far they had gotten zero money from this woman. She’s supposed to have something like $700 dollars of social security a month, and no one knew where it was. Er…yeah. Long story short. Come to find out she has a checking account and the SS has been going direct deposit into it, and her daughter had been writing checks out of this account that she supposedly didn’t know about. So my mom found all that out and took care of it. Anyway, that’s the latest news from her work (not as funny as when Myles peed in his closet, I know), and it just made me realize how lucky I am to have a role model like her. I guess it also made me kind of sad, because I don’t know what I want to do with my life. It just kind of drove home the fact that my mom’s a social worker, my dad has a degree in psychology (despite working with computers now), and my sister’s going to graduate in a little under a year with a degree similar to my mom’s. Those all seem to be such useful, practical things.

Off the subject: I wrote something for the first time in a long time last week. (Er…”something” being something not for the characters I play, as much as I adore them and the bulk of my writing centers on them.) It’s something I’ve been trying to find words for for a long, long time, but I haven’t been able to. I still really can’t: it’s only a page, and it sucks, but I’m taking it “Bird by Bird” (thank you, Anne Lammott). It’s the truest thing I know right now, and that’s why no one can see it. Maybe when it’s done (if it ever is) I’ll put it up here. Probably not.

This is going to be one long-ass entry, because I’m trying to catch everything. I’m going to California in just over a week to visit my Kim (!!) so excitement abounds. My sister and I will stay out there for ten days and hopefully come back with at least a bit of a tan. You can’t expect much from us northerners. (And especially not us northerners in particular: my dad’s a red-head, and so we’re half very fair-skinned. I crisp quickly.) Consider yourself warned — you probably won’t hear anything out of me for another few weeks.

Back to work I go.